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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

As I'm writing a new lesson for the Bible study, Individualized Retirement Assignments: Seniors in Scripture, I re-examined two poems which I wrote years ago about Moses. I'm posting the update here, a combined version :

Go, Moses

On an ordinary day,
The extraordinary God
From an ordinary bush
Now burning, though not consumed,
Spoke to an ordinary man.

Go Moses, I'll be with you.
Who are you?
The LORD God Almighty
But I'm not eloquent.
I'll give you My words.

They won’t believe you sent me!
I'll give you My power.
Can’t you send someone else?
You’re making me angry, Moses!
GO! No more excuses.

The extraordinary God
Burned up forty years
And sent Moses back
Not as Prince of Egypt,
But Shepherd of His enslaved people.

God delivered them,
Parted the Red Sea,
Led and sustained them.
But the extraordinary God spoke to Moses
Face to face, as to a friend.

Written by Nancy Baker in 2003, revised 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

Not quite a year later! A new post. And news. I have sent a book proposal to Kregel for Individualized Retirement Assignments: Seniors in Scripture. I added a new Lesson: Noah. After the rejection from AMG, I made the mistake of stopping. I waited to hear from them, then couldn't write for a while, then heard that Kregel was interested, then tried to return to writing the Bible study. After six months of interruptions--both good and bad, including a cruise, illness, a conference, writers' block, I experienced new life: Noah was born--written, that is.

I will not stop writing this time while I wait to hear. Moses and I are becoming good friends. I know God wants this Bible study written, and I'm experiencing His Presence as I write.